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Monty Python's Flying Circus Scripts

Television Series First Season

Episode 1

It's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Famous Deaths
Italian Lesson
Whizzo Butter
It's the Arts
Arthur 'Two-Sheds' Jackson
Picasso / Cycling Race
The Funniest Joke in the World

Episode 2

Flying Sheep
French Lecture on Sheep-aircraft
A Man with Three Buttocks
A Man with Two Noses / Musical Mice
Marriage Guidance Counsellor
The Wacky Queen
Working Class Playwright / A Scotsman on a Horse
The Wrestling Epilogue
The Mouse Problem

Episode 3

Court Scene (Witness in Coffin / Cardinal Richelieu)
The Larch
Bicycle Repair Man
Children's Stories
Restaurant Sketch
Seduced Milkman
Stolen Newsreader
Children's Interview
Nudge, Nudge

Episode 4

And Did Those Feet (Song) / Art Gallery / Art Critic
It's a Man's Life in the Modern Army / Undressing in Public
Self-defense against Fresh Fruit
Secret Service Dentists

Episode 5

The Smuggler
A Duck, a Cat, and a Lizard (Discussion) / Vox Pops on Smuggling
Police Raid / Letters and Vox Pops
Newsreader Arrested / Erotic Film
Silly Job Interview / Careers Advisory Board
Burglar / Encyclopaedia Salesman

Episode 6

Its the Arts / Johann Gambolputty... von Hautkopft of Ulm
Non-illegal Robbery / Vox Pops
Crunchy Frog
The Dull Life of a City Stockbroker
Red Indian in Theatre
Policemen Make Wonderful Friends / A Scotsman on a Horse
Twentieth-century Vole

Episode 7

Camel Spotting / Youre No Fun Any More
The Audit / Youre No Fun (Again)
Science Fiction Sketch
Man Turns into Scotsman / Police Station
Blancmanges Playing Tennis

Episode 8

Army Protection Racket
Art Critic - the Place of the Nude
Buying a Bed
Dead Parrot
The Flasher
Hells Grannies

Episode 9

A Man with a Tape Recorder up his Nose / A Man with a Tape Recorder up his Brother's Nose
Kilimanjaro Expedition (Double Vision)
Homicidal Barber
Lumberjack Song
Gumby Crooner / The Refreshment Room at Bletchley
Hunting Film
The Visitors

Episode 10

Bank Robber (Lingerie Shop)
Trailer / Arthur Tree
Vocational Guidance Counsellor
The First Man to Jump the Channel / Tunnelling from Godalming to Java
Pet Conversions
Gorilla Librarian
Letters to Daily Mirror
Strangers in the Night

Episode 11

Letter (Lavatorial Humour)
Agatha Christie Sketch
Literary Football Discussion / Undertakers Film
Interesting People
Eighteenth-century Social Legislation / The Battle of Trafalgar
Batley Townswomens Guild Presents the Battle of Pearl Harbour / Undertakers Film

Episode 12

People Falling from Buildings
Spectrum - Talking about Things
Visitors from Coventry / Mr. Hilter / The North Minehead By-election
Police Station (Silly Voices)
Upperclass Twit of the Year
Ken Shabby
How Far Can a Minister Fall?

Episode 13

Restaurant (Abuse / Cannibalism)
Come Back to my Place
Me Doctor
Historical Impersonations
Quiz program - Wishes
Probe-around on Crime
Stonehenge / Mr. Attila the Hun
Psychiatry - Silly Sketch
Operating Theatre (Squatters)

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