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Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson

The cast:

Eric Idle
Terry Jones
John Cleese

The sketch:

Host: Last week the Royal Festival Hall saw the first performance of a new symphony by one of the world's leading modern composers, Arthur 'Two sheds' Jackson. Mr. Jackson.

Jackson: Hello.

Host: May I just sidetrack for one moment. This -- what shall I call it -- nickname of yours...

Jackson: Ah yes.

Host: "Two sheds". How did you come by it?

Jackson: Well, I don't use it myself, but some of my friends call me "Two Sheds".

Host: And do you in fact have two sheds?

Jackson: No, I've only got one. I've had one for some time, but a few years ago I said I was thinking of getting another, and since then some people have called me "Two Sheds".

Host: In spite of the fact that you only have one.

Jackson: Yes.

Host: And are you still intending to purchase this second shed?

Jackson: (impatient) No!

Host: ...To bring you in line with your epithet?

Jackson: No.

Host: I see, I see. Well to return to your symphony.

Jackson: Ah yes.

Host: Did you write this symphony in the shed?

Jackson: (surprised) No!

Host: Have you written any of your recent works in this shed of yours?

Jackson: No, no, not at all. It's just an ordinary garden shed.

Host: I see, I see. And you're thinking of buying this second shed to write in!

Jackson: No, no. Look. This shed business -- it doesn't really matter. The sheds aren't important. A few friends call me Two Sheds and that's all there is to it. I wish you'd ask me about the music. Everybody talks about the sheds. They've got it out of proportion -- I'm a composer. I'm going to get rid of the shed. I'm fed up with it!

Host: Then you'll be Arthur 'No Sheds' Jackson, eh?

Jackson: Look, forget about the sheds. They don't matter.

Host: (sternly) Mr. Jackson, I think, with respect, we ought to return to the subject of your symphony.

Jackson: Huh!

Host: I understand that you used to be interested in train-spotting.

Jackson: What?

Host: I understand that, about thirty years ago, you were interested in train-spotting.

Jackson: Well what's that got to do with my bloody music?

Other host: (entering) Are you having any trouble with him?

Host: Yes, a little. Good Lord! You're the man who interviewed Sir Edward Ross earlier.

Other host: Exactly. Well we interviewers are more than a match for the likes of you, "Two Sheds".

Host: Yes, make yourself scarce, "Two Sheds". This studio isn't big enough for the three of us! (They throw him out.)

Jackson: Here, what are you doing? Stop it! [Crash.]

Other host: Get your own Arts program, you fairy!

Host: Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson... Never mind, Timmy.

Other host: Oh Mike, you're such a comfort.

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