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Monty Python's Flying Circus Scripts

Television Series Fourth Season

Episode 40

Montgolfier Brothers
Louis XIV
George III
Norwegian Party Political Broadcast

Episode 41

Department StoreCaret
Buying an Ant
At Home with the Ant and Other Pets
Documentary on Ants
Ant Complaints
Poetry Reading (Ants)
Toupee Department
Complaints Department
Different Endings

Episode 42

'Up Your Pavement'
RAF Banter
Trivialising the War
Courtmartial (Basingstoke in Westphalia) / 'Anything Goes In' (Song)
Film Trailer
The Public Are Idiots
program Titles Conference / The Last Five Miles of the M2
Woody and Tinny Words
Show-jumping (Musical) / Newsflash (Germans)
'When Does a Dream Begin?' (Song)

Episode 43

Bogus Psychiatrists
'Nationwide' / Police Helmets
Hamlet and Ophelia
Boxing Match Aftermath
Boxing Commentary
Piston Engine (a Bargain)
A Room in Polonius' House / Dentists (Live from Epsom)
Jockey Interviews
Queen Victoria Handicap

Episode 44

Post Box Ceremony
Mr. Neutron
Mr. Neutron is Missing
Teddy Salad (CIA Agent)
Mr. Neutron is Still Missing
Mr. Neutron is Found
'Conjuring Today'

Episode 45

'Most Awful Family in Britain'
Icelandic Honey Week
A Doctor Whose Patients Are Stabbed by His Nurse
Brigadier and Bishop
Appeal on Behalf of Extremely Rich People
The Man Who Finishes Other People's Sentences
The Walking Tree of Dahomey (with David Attenborough)
The Batsmen of the Kalahari / Cricket Match (Assegais)
BBC News (Handovers)

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