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Monty Python and The Holy Grail Script

Scene1: The Trouble With Swallows

Scene2: Just Die Already

Scene3: Repression is Nine Tenths of the Law?

Scene4: Arthur Meets a Brave Knight And Cuts His Limbs Off

Scene5: Witches and How To Build Bridges Out of Them

Scene6: Camelot is a Silly Place

Scene7: God Gives Arthur a Stern Talking To

Scene8: Why No One Likes The French

Scene9: Sir Robin's Minstrels Turn Nasty

Scene10: The Oral Sects or Galahad Faces Peril Valiantly

Scene11: A Rather Silly Old Man Directs Arthur to an Enchanter

Scene12: Knights With A Repetitive Tendency to Repetitively Say Ni Repetitively

Scene13: Swamps Suck Castles

Scene14: Concorde Takes One For the Gipper

Scene15: Lancelot Saves a Beautiful and Melodious errr Prince?

Scene16: You Can't Stop A errrr Prince?? From Singing

Scene17: How to Find that Perfect Shrubbery

Scene18: Shrubbery or Herring? That is the Question

Scene19: Tim the Enchanter Warns of Rabbit Peril

Scene20: Faced With a Killer Rabbit - Who's Got the Grenade?

Scene21: Don't Go Near the Castle Aarrggh

Scene22: The Bridge Keeper Doesn't Swallow

Scene23: The French Fight Dirty or Why Everyone Hates the French

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