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Icelandic Honey Week

The cast:

Graham Chapman
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Terry Jones

The sketch:

Man: A strong hive of bees contains approximately 75,000 bees. Each honey bee must make 154 trips to collect one teaspoon of honey. Hello, sir.

Dad: What do you want?

Man: Would you like to buy some of our honey, sir?

Mother: What you doing in here?

Man: Which would you like, the Californian Orange Blossom, the Mexican, the New Zealand, or the Scottish Heather?

Mother: He can't eat honey. It makes him go plop plops.

Man: Come on, please try some.

Dad: All right I'll have some Icelandic Honey.

Man: No, there is no such thing.

Dad: You mean you don't make any honey at all?

Man: No, no, we must import it all. Every bally drop. We are a gloomy people. It's so crikey cold and dark up there, and only fish to eat. Fish and imported honey. Oh strewth!

Mother: Well why do you have a week?

Man: Listen Buster! In Reykyavik it is dark for eight months of the year, and it's cold enough to freeze your wrists off and there's only golly fish to eat. Administrative errors are bound to occur in enormous quantifies. Look at this - it's all a mistake. It's a real pain in the sphincter! Icelandic Honey Week? My Life!

Mother: Well why do you come in here trying to flog the stuff, then?

Man: Listen Cowboy. I got a job to do. It's a stupid, pointless job but at least it keeps me away from Iceland, all right? The leg of the worker bee has...

(They slam the door on him. Someone rather like Jeremy Thorpe looks round the door and waves as they do so.)

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