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The News with Richard Baker / Seashore Interlude Film

The cast:

Richard Baker
John Cleese

The sketch:

(Cut to Richard Baker sitting at the traditional news desk.)

Richard Baker: We've just heard that an explosion in the kitchens of the House of Lords has resulted in the breakage of seventeen storage jars. Police ruled out foul play. (pause) Lemon curry?

(Fade out. Fade up on film of seashore, waves breaking on beach.)


(The film goes on for quite a long time. Eventually, the announcer, dressed in medieval Spanish soldier's costume, walks into shot.)

Announcer: (to camera) Um, I'm sorry about the ... the, er, pause, only I'm afraid the show is a couple of minutes short this week. You know, sometimes the shows aren't really quite as er, long as they ought to be. (pause, he looks round at the sea) Beautiful, isn't it. (he walks out of shot; long pause; he walks back) Look there's not really a great deal of point in your, sort of hanging on at your end, because I'm afraid there aren't any more jokes or anything.

(He walks out of shot. We stay with the film for quite a long time before we finally fade out.)

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