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Anagram Quiz

The cast:

John Cleese
John Cleese
Graham Chapman

The sketch:

Voice Over: Tony M. Nyphot's Flying Risccu.


(Pull out a little. The board has little green curtains and there is a pepperpot standing in front of it.)

Presenter: Mrs. Scab, you have twelve hours to beat the clock.

(A gong goes. A superimposed clock starts to move incredibly fast. It has a minute hand and an hour hand. Twelve hours pass very quickly. The pepperpot starts to rearrange the letters, very quickly. She gets it right. It reads: 'merchant bank: The gong goes, and the clock stops.)

Presenter: Correct!

Pepperpot: I've done it. I've done it. Ha, ha, ha!

(An enormous head of a large cartoon-type hammer hits her and she goes down very fast.)

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