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The cast:

Eric Idle
Michael Palin
Ringo Starr

The sketch:

(Showbiz music, cut to a big sign saying 'It's'. Pull out to reveal glossy spangly, opulent showbiz set. Two extraordinary famous guests sitting on sofas)

Announcer's Voice: Tonight from London your special guests are Lulu, Ringo Starr and the man you've all been waiting for - your host for tonight......

(More music. The It's man, tattered and ragged as usual, emerges onto set)

Lulu: Love the outfit dear, it's gorgeous

It's Man: Hello, good evening, welcome. It's.......

(The signature tune and opening animated titles start. the It's man, still visible through the titles, tries vainly to stop them. The guests walk off in disgust. The It's man tries to drag them back. Failing, he sits down as the music ends. Fade out)

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