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The BBC is Short of Money

The cast:

Eric Idle
Graham Chapman

The sketch:

(Cut to a newsreader in a 'News at Nine' set with a bare light bulb hanging in shot. He wears only an old blanket round his shoulders. He is shivering.)

Newsreader: The BBC wishes to deny rumors that it is going into liquidation. Mrs. Kelly, who owns the flat where they live, has said that they can stay on till the end of the month ... (he is handed a piece of paper) and we've just heard that Huw Weldon's watch has been accepted by the London Electricity Board and transmissions for this evening can be continued as planned. (he coughs and pulls the blanket tighter round his shoulders) That's all from me so... goodnight.

(Knocking on the door.)

Mr. Kelly's Voice: Are you going to be in there all night?

Newsreader: It's just a bulletin, Mr. Kelly... and now back to the Story (banging)... All right!

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