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Life of Brian Script

Scene 31: Brian Gets a Reprieve

The sketch:

PILATE: All wight. I will give you one more chance. This time, I want to hear no 'Weuben's, no 'Weginald's, no 'Wudolph the Wed-nosed Weindeer's,...

BIGGUS: No 'Thpenther Trathy'th!

PILATE: ...or we shall welease no one!

JUDITH: Release Brian!

BOB: Oh, yeah. That's a good one.

MAN: Yeah.

BOB: Welease Bwian!

CROWD: Welease Bwian! Welease Bwian! laughing

PILATE: Vewy well. That's it.

CENTURION: Sir, we, uh-- we have got a 'Brian', sir.


CENTURION: Well, you just sent him for crucifixion, sir.

PILATE: Uh. Ah, wait! Wait! We do have a 'Bwian'! Well, go and wepwieve him, stwaight away.

CENTURION: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

PILATE: Vewy well! I shall... welease... Bwian!

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