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Holy Grail Scripts and Sounds

Our guests are faced with a perilous choice!

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On the one hand, you could choose Holy Grail Sounds, and it is entirely possible that you would be incredibly satisfied with your choice. So much that you might find yourself creating weird Holy Grail theme sets for your computer and when you log on John Cleese shouts at you that you'll be stone dead in a moment. Certainly does sound promising, does it not?


On the other hand...You might also choose the Holy Grail Script, which may not sound all that glamorous but is surprisingly easy to wear and made of comfortable stretchy material which won't make you feel like you really need to go potty. Certainly we leave the spam choice up to you, our discerning, and slightly nutty, guest. As always we wish spam the best and most delightful experience that can be obtained from our spam website and know that whatever spam choice you make that it will be with the utmost thought and delib.... All RIGHT! Who let the bloody spam in here? Look! The point I was trying to make...the point is....ah bugger it.


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