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The Story:
Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived a group of struggling young comedians who got together, came up with some smashing good material, a silly name, several funny walks, threw in a bit of violence and gratuitous sex and made loads of money. This is not their story. Well, it is their story, but saying it wasn't just gave me a bit of a haha. Right well, anyway. I was going to include several of my award winning interviews with John Cleese on this page, but unfortunately, I haven't got any. Think this is silly? Well, me lad, you 'aven't seen anything yet!

Foot crushing spam

Dear Monty Python Weirdo Vistors:
Our Monty Python Sound collection is small but impervious to wear and tear. The award-winning Holy Grail Sounds found here are reputed to have lasting benefits to bladder control and/or virility. The Monty Python's Flying Circus Scripts can be used to foretell the future and render completely inaccurate lottery numbers. Our Monty Python and The Holy Grail Script prevents tooth decay, and The Meaning of Life and Life of Brian movie scripts contained here have singlehandedly recycled an entire amazonian rain forest.

If that didn't satisfy your little piggy appetite for Python madness, and you are in the mood to surf other Python sites whose fearless leaders have braved vegetarian cannibals as well as fierce tribes of nomadic accountants you can do so by visiting the Silly Links section of our web site.

Don't forget to shut the lights when you leave.

Thank you,
The Editors

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