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The Time on BBC1

The cast:

Michael Palin
Terry Jones
John Cleese
Terry Jones
Graham Chapman

The sketch:

1st Voice Over: Well, it's five past nine and nearly time for six past nine. On BBC2 now it'll shortly be six and a half minutes past nine. Later on this evening it'll be ten o'clock and at 10.30 we'll be joining BBC2 in time for 10.33, and don't forget tomorrow when it'll be 9.20. Those of you who missed 8.45 on Friday will be able to see it again this Friday at a quarter to nine. Now here is a time check. It's six and a half minutes to the big green thing.

2nd Voice Over: You're a loony.

1st Voice Over: I get so bored. I get so bloody bored.

(ANIMATION: for a minute or two strange things happen on animation until suddenly we find ourselves into the animated title sequence. Cut to the announcer in a silly location, sitting at his desk as usual.)

Announcer: You probably noticed that I didn't say 'and now for something completely different' just now. This is simply because I am unable to appear in the show this week. (looks closely at script, puzzled) Sorry to interrupt you.

(Cut to a man holding his mouth open to show the camera his teeth.)

Man: I'm terribly sorry to interrupt but my tooth's hurting, just around here.

Voice: Get off.

Man: Oh, sorry.

(Cut to pompous mustached stockbroker type.)

Nabarro: I'm not sorry to interrupt - I'll interrupt anything if it gets people looking in my direction - like at my old school where, by a coincidence, the annual prize giving is going on at this very moment.

(There is a ripple effect, and a muted trumpet plays a corny segue sequence.)

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